National Health Service (NHS) Resources

Here are some resources from the National Health Service for students to use.

Name of resource Brief description Contact details
Lifelink A self-referral service offering one-to-one counselling, group sessions and courses on  stress, mental and emotional management for young people and adults. They offer services in multiple locations across Glasgow.


Email [email protected]

Call 0141 552 4434

Your local GP They are a very accessible and a good first port of call. Your GP can assess you or someone you are concerned about and refer onto more suited NHS services. They also play a key role and can provide documentation for good cause. If you are unhappy with your GP you can change surgeries, there often many that serve the same local area. Find your local GP practise here:
In an emergency If you are concerned that you or someone else may be in immediate danger


Please contact 999, your GP or NHS24 on 111. Alternatively you can go straight to your local A&E.

If you are on campus, please contact security first as they will be able to help emergency services reach you and contact the university crisis team.

  • Gilmorehill Campus

Tel: (0141) 330 4282

  • Vet School Campus

Tel: (0141) 330 5799