Welcome to Look After Yourself, an online platform for mental health and wellbeing for students. We know that being a student has many challenges and that many suffer in silence.

There is so much happening on campus that at times it may feel quite overwhelming and hard to reach, so we wanted to centralise everything and make it more accessible.

We hope that you can relate to and take inspiration from our blog posts and find the information and resources we have compiled useful. Maybe you’d like to attend some of the great events and workshops happening across campus? You can utilise and share our tips, and forward this to all your friends so that we can together create a more supportive and knowledgeable network for each other.

Our ultimate aim is to normalise the discussion of mental health on campus and it starts by looking after yourself.

All the best,


University of Glasgow Students’ Representative Council with the support of the GUU, QMU and GUSA.